So obviously I’m done with this blog bc reasons so yeah I’m gonna leave it up so feel free to look at the confessions whenever ya bye.

I haven’t posted here in forever yo.

I wanna see him touch himself. ;-) I know some peeps think it’s gross when guys do that, but I think it’s so freaking hot.”

"My best friends have confessed their hatred towards me because I am a holmie… Fuck it, I don’t care. I’m still going to be a holmie. Bitches."

Imagined Mr Holmes was having his wicked way with me last night! That was fucking amazing! Not felt that horny for a while! :D”

I honestly think James would be mortified if he knew about the jimmyshops. Sure, there might be some kink in him that would be like, “oh hell yeah” if he saw the porn ones, but….if he’s as socially awkward as I am, he’d probably die of embarrassment. That makes me feel really bad sometimes.”

He’s been my iPhone background for months”

Ever since I became a holmie, whenever I see those zodiac things on my dash, I always read the Sagittarius info.”

It blows my mind every time I remember that Holmies have only been around for a little over 9 months. It feels like I’ve known you guys for years! Doesn’t it feel like as a group, we’ve gone through so many phases?”

So I’m a lazy bitch and my photoshop is acting up so I have to post the confessions as text things until I fix it okAY.